8 thoughts on “ Salesforce Security Part 2 – System Security ”

  1. TYPO

    Login IP Ranges are restrictive and prevents a user from logging in without verification (or at all). From a security perspective, users could be ****completed***** blocked from accessing Salesforce unless they are within a verified IP range.

    It should be completely


  2. Nice article Brent. I believe in Spring ’16, some security feature was strengthened – my users seem to get asked to enter a security code more often than normal. Do you have any details on that?


  3. 22. In a master-child relationship between a standard object and custom object
    which of the following statements is NOT true? Please select two (2) items.
    a. The standard object is always the master
    b. The custom object is always the master
    c. The custom object is always a child
    d. The standard or custom object can be a master
    e. The standard object is never a child

    I think it is a and b
    would appreciate some help on the same.


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