Coolest Lightning Components on the AppExchange

One of the most compelling reasons to switch to Lightning Experience is to leverage the underlying architecture, including Lighting Components. These components can be created by a developer for a specific business use case, or installed from the AppExchange to enhance or compliment your existing configuration. Lightning Components can offer a great array of flexibility to […]

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Getting Started with Lightning Components and Record Pages

What excites me most about Lightning Experience is the flexibility of the user interface. With its module design, and the ability to assign pages at a granular level, users will notice an improved navigational experience, and quick access to critical data elements (assuming you know how to modify the user experience in Lightning). But, unlike Classic, […]

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10 User Experience Issues in Lightning Experience that Need Fixing

As a user of Salesforce for seven years, I’ve grown accustomed to Salesforce Classic, but have embraced Lightning Experience as much as possible, working to be an advocate for the new user experience and overall platform. While there are so many positives and exponential potential with the platform, as an end user and Administrator, I’ve […]

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I Just Deployed Lightning Experience. Here’s What I Learned.

Just a few weeks ago, I deployed a new Salesforce org, 100% on Lightning Experience. It proved to be a great learning experience as a Consultant. If you’re looking to deploy Lightning Experience, this post should be helpful in your planning and preparations! It’s important to note that this is a brand new Salesforce customer who […]

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Is Your Salesforce Org Ready for Lightning Experience?

Over the last few weeks, I’ve seen a lot of questions on the Success Community wondering if it would be wise to switch over to Lightning Experience given the org’s configuration and the missing features of LEX. I’ve written a guest post, featured on the Salesforce Admins blog (formerly ButtonClick Admin) today about this very topic. […]

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Customizing Salesforce’s Lightning Experience

Over the last few weeks, I’ve been using Lightning Experience exclusively in my companies production org and have had several clients asking to trial it in their own orgs. I have to say, I’m actually really enjoying the experience, but getting Lightning Experience up and running is a little more involved than just flipping a switch. […]

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