Automation Showdown: Process Builder vs Workflow

Ahhh, the great automation debate: Process Builder versus Workflow. Both are powerful tools, both offering countless benefits. More than likely there is at least one of each kind of automation enabled in your org right now. But which one should you be using for that next automation request? Based on Trailhead exercises, you should be using Process […]

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Building Better Field History Tracking

Salesforce field history tracking is a great built in feature, but doesn’t always meet the requirements of the business and can be cumbersome when trying to report on the historical data. Administrators struggle specifically with Opportunity field history reporting. Determining stage duration, how an Opportunity moves through the pipeline and related changes to the Opportunity […]

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A Methodology for Documenting Process (and Crushing the Fear!)

A guest post by Melissa VanDyke. We all know those three little words that every #AwesomeAdmin loves to hear: “Is it possible…?” This moment is always exciting for us (we want to help!), but it is always a little scary too. When anything and everything is possible (and as #AwesomeAdmins we know this to be […]

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The Case for Automation: A Seat at the Table

A guest post by Peter McMillan. As a Salesforce Admin, you are faced with the needs and wants from every department: Sales, Finance, HR, IT and Executives.  And they all want something different from Salesforce: accurate data, quick and impactful reporting, employee adoption of the CRM, actionable insights, etc.  For the purpose of this article, […]

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