Lightning Sync vs Einstein Activity Capture: Battle of the Salesforce Calendar Integration Tools

Update on May 8, 2020: Salesforce will no longer allow orgs to enable Lightning Sync after Winter ’21 (source). Salesforce is encouraging its clients to move to Einstein Activity Capture and is positioning it as the long-term activity capture product. Ah, the good old email and calendar integration discussion continues! Salesforce has had integration tools […]

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Unicorns, Rainbows, Epicness and Midwest Dreamin’ 2015

Last week I traveled to Chicago to participate in the second annual Midwest Dreamin’. This community-lead Salesforce event is put on by the Midwest user groups and is considered one giant user group meeting! It was a blast! With around 700 people registered to attend and approximately 25 breakout sessions, this is easily the largest […]

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Automation Celebration: Creating My First Visual Workflow

Hundreds. This is the number of times you have probably heard about all of the amazing things that the Cloud Flow Designer (formerly Visual Workflow) can do. But for the non-technical, declarative developers like myself, my mind hasn’t properly wrapped itself around the complexities of the tool and as a result, I had nearly given […]

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