My Top Public Speaking Pet Peeves

Public speaking can be a frightening¬†experience for some. For others, public speaking comes naturally. Either way, public speaking requires a set of skills which, if mastered, can make all the difference in a presentation. I recently attended a Salesforce event with several speakers, and instead of taking notes about the session content, I was taking […]

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Scheduling Your Time at Dreamforce for Maximum Awesomeness

Scheduling your time at Dreamforce can become quite an ordeal. With sessions, meetups, customer meetings and networking events, most folks find that their calendar is totally booked before even arriving in San Francisco. When Agenda Builder goes live, there tends to be a mad dash to reserve your spot in the sessions of your choice. […]

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Why You Can’t Afford NOT to Send Your Administrator to Dreamforce

Dreamforce is right around the corner which means that you, as a manager, need to decide if your administrator should attend or not. We all know that budgets are tight and conferences like Dreamforce seem to get canned.¬†I get it. I really do. But I firmly believe that your administrator needs to attend regardless – […]

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