User adoption is key to the success of any new program, including a CRM such as As I wrap up the last part of the Sales Cloud implementation with my organization, I am noticing quite a bit of grumbling from the troops on the front line which cover a whole range of topics. Thankfully, I can address most of these grumbles with help from the AppExchange and become the Admin Hero that my troops deserve!

“It takes too much time to log my activities and navigate the tool.”

Salesforce is meant to be an extension of the salesman; helping him to make his sale, plan his calls and close more business. However, the general feedback from my users is that it takes too much time to log their calls, update their Opportunities and manage their records.

Salesforce’s Visual Workflow  is a tool available in Enterprise, Performance and Unlimited edition orgs and allows Administrators to create a series of interview like screens which ask questions of users. The responses to these questions, using fields, can then update records and even create records all behind the scenes.

So, let’s say that a task needs to be created after a phone call and based on the task type, a series of additional record updates need to take place. If logic can be applied to the process, a visual workflow can simplify data entry and automate elements of the process, saving the user time and increasing the accuracy of the data being entered.

“I need additional or one-on-one training.”

We all know that ongoing training is one of the keys to user adoption. The problem is that, in my organization, we have users all across the world, speaking multiple languages, and we don’t have a formal LMS to leverage. Currently we are using newsletters, Chatter groups and webinars to help train users, but a regular request from these users is that they would like an on-demand training system to be able to train on specific topics on their own time.

WalkMe for Salesforce is a great application paid application that allows you to build a click-by-click guide for users. Users can launch the application in Salesforce, and select a guide. WalkMe will then show the user every click they need to take to complete the process. Because the guides are customized to your orgs business process, it’s as if the user is getting one to one training but without having to call you!

“I don’t know what is expected of me.”

Many of our users don’t know what Salesforce is being used for and what is required of them when using the tool. As a result, their engagement with Salesforce is minimal and is a point of confusion and frustration. Gamification is not a new concept, but it is being newly applied to enterprise software such as Salesforce. I have read some really interesting statistics on employee engagement, and I can see the benefit to a gamification program.

Bunchball is one of several applications which applies game mechanics (points, badges, leader boards etc.) into Salesforce creating healthy competition within the organization. The challenges are fully customizable by you and your business, allowing you to drive specific behaviors through the challenge. Is your Contact data dirty? Create a challenge which provides 500 points if a sales user updates and completes 10 Contact records. Create any number of challenges, and the points which are awarded to users can be redeemed for tangible and intangible prizes!

I should make it clear that I do not currently use any of these applications. We are reviewing each of these applications and hopefully, with any luck, we will purchase each in the coming weeks or months.

Do you currently use one or more of these applications? What has been your experience with them and how have you seen them improve your user adoption?

5 thoughts on “ 3 Tools to Improve User Adoption ”

  1. Hey Brent! I’m the Salesforce admin over at Brainshark, I’ve been following your blog for a while now, and it was a pleasant surprise seeing us mentioned! Thanks!

    p.s. As we speak I’m working on a Brainshark presentation to train our sales team on some new Salesforce stuff. Sure beats answering the same questions over and over again.


    1. What a pleasant surprise! I had heard this week that the ink is still fresh on a contract that our Commercial organization signed with Brainshark, and I found out that you had this LMS type platform which integrates with Salesforce. I will reach out to you soon for additional information! Thanks for reading and thank you for the comment!


  2. Brent. Thanks so much for taking the time to write about our tool. Hopefully you’ll be at Dreamforce, so feel free to drop by our booth so we can thank you again in person. Cheers for now.

    P.S. Love the cartoon!


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