Do you ever wish you could have a do over?

On day 1 of your employment, if you knew what you know today, what would you do differently? Would you act or talk different? Would you have handled a few situations differently? We can wish all day long that things were different. That situations or circumstances were different. But wishful thinking doesn’t change anything. Action creates change.

I recently heard about a book called The First 9o Days which outlines how to start off a new job with a splash. Think of it as a road map, helping you to set the stage for the type of leader you want to be in the organization. In talking with a friend about the book, I began to think about how I would do things differently at ReadyTalk if I was starting today.

It was in this moment that I had an epiphany: today can be day 1!

I don’t need to move to a new company to start over. I don’t need to spend my time wishing that I had done things differently in the beginning. Why not start again, fresh, today? It was in that moment that my perspective shifted and I discovered that my motivation and drive to take action was renewed.

Today is Day 1

The beautiful thing about life is that we get a new day – every day. Yet, I personally don’t take the time to appreciate that; to accept that each day is a blank slate ready for action. Instead, there is a tendency to focus on the “what if’s” in life. I have occasionally find myself spending so much time wallowing in my resentment of the past that I haven’t taken any action to impact the future.

Multiple areas of our lives require behavior modification. Want to get in shape? Go to the gym. Want to be healthier? Eat better. Want to be a Millionaire? Save your money. Want to be an Admin Hero? Be an Admin Hero!

Anyone at any age can decide to start anew. Regardless of past successes or failures, the decision is yours. You must decide to take control. No one can do this for you.

If you are struggling with finding motivation at work, or you wish that things would be different than they are now, why haven’t you taken action? What is stopping you? I would venture to say that YOU are stopping you! You are your own road block.

You are probably paralyzed by fear, frustration, or the thought of change. Making waves can put a bounty on your head. Asking questions may go against company culture. Being assertive may be outside of your character. You need to squash these self doubts and set them aside. Because today is the day we are going to change. Make today your day 1!

When you wake up tomorrow morning and you’re getting ready for the day, stand in front of the mirror, look yourself in the eye and say to yourself, “I am not going to hinder my own success any more. I am going to make a difference. I am going to take control of my career and life and I am going to get this done. It’s time to change. It’s time I step-up and take action to move the needle. TODAY IS MY DAY 1!”

It’s never too late to start; to begin again, again. This is exactly what you are doing. You are prepping yourself for battle and the first step is to get your head in the game.

Preparing for Battle

Now that you’ve dedicated yourself to taking action, it’s time to prepare. No army goes into battle without preparation and strategy. We are facing a battle. The battle is against company culture, archaic business processes and intimidating individuals. But perhaps the worst enemy is yourself. The battle to change your behavior for personal success. That means that if you are going to be successful in this endeavor, a game plan must be devised.

There are 3 steps that I would encourage you to evaluate as you prepare your game plan.

1. Evaluate Your Situation. Before pulling the trigger on anything, evaluate your surroundings. Do this by creating a list of the things that are driving you crazy and that you wish would get fixed; those things that you would have addressed in your first 90 days as a new employee but didn’t. Focus not only on Salesforce related items, but business processes and people. Have you lacked in creating a relationship with certain mangers or end users and you wish the relationship was better? Add it to the list.

Take some time to focus on some of the fundamental issues in the organization as well. You can focus on adoption, training or lack of business process owners. These issues may be outside of the scope of your job but if they are hindering you from being motivated or getting your work done, they need to be considered.

You should also take time to evaluate yourself and your personality. What areas do you wish you could improve upon? How do you want to be different through this process? Write those items down as well. Take this opportunity to create a new you.

2. Prioritize the Issues. Now that the issues have been documented, it’s time to prioritize them. Do this in a way that makes sense for your organization. Focus first on the foundational issues that need to be addressed and move forward from there.

3. Plan Your Steps. With a prioritized list in hand, it’s time to determine an execution strategy. Some of the issues you’ve documented won’t require much. Others will require a lot. At a high level, outline what changes will need to be made. What is the transformational goal that you hope to accomplish by tackling the issue and what are the steps that need to be taken to reach the goal?

Execution Day

You’ve created a battle plan and you have circled a date on the calendar when the new you will emerge and begin to execute against the list. It’s time to take action and make some waves.  This is execution day.

You get into the office on your new day 1, and you are ready. Your blood is pumping and you are ready to get to work. You open your inbox, and knowing the first issue you want to fix on your list, you begin to draft an email. Realizing that no one reads your emails. So instead of sending an email, you do something out of the ordinary. You get out of your desk and walk over to the would-be email recipient.

The conversation goes well. Better than you anticipated. The recipient seems responsive and you feel a sense of accomplishment. But the battle is just getting started. Pressure now needs to be applied. When you get back to your desk, you schedule a follow-up meeting to discuss details of the issue further. With a sense of accomplishment and pride, you start in on your second issue.

But not everything will go to plan. You are going to challenge the status quo. Progress may be slow. People may be caught off guard. Feathers will be ruffled. You may feel uncomfortable.

Don’t be discouraged. Don’t be frightened. Your company needs this. You need this.

Go forth. Make change.

9 thoughts on “ Today is Day 1: Rediscovering Your Drive and Motivation ”

  1. Brent,

    How about writing a post on if you were going to start as an Admin at a new place. Now you have a chance to do things right with all your experience.

    So since you have time before you start – make a few lists.

    A list of what health checks would you do on the org so that you may be able to identify areas that need immediate attention.

    A list of things you would do to make the org better e.g. documentation – from filling in Description and meaningful Help Text of fields to who has their emails as part of a WF or Approval Process etc. so that when they leave the company you know know the impact on the org – you get my drift.

    A list of daily things to do to stay on top

    The idea is that say 6 months later you have a a great, well documented and efficient org.


    1. Great idea Shahid! I’ve written about some of these topics already as individual posts, but perhaps I should do a round-up post that covers all of this information in detail. Great suggestion!


  2. Thanks Brent. Been in the “why should I care if no one else cares” place for a while now. Your article made me realize I have the power! (Spoken with emphasis, like an preacher, haha)


  3. Brent, you’re so amazing! Am going to include a bit about your blog to my followers. They will enjoy and gain from all that you share here. Rock on!


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