Salesforce is a hot product and has created quite a stir in the technology industry. New customers are signing contracts every single day, and that means that more and more Salesforce Administrators, Developer and Consultants are needed.

Getting your Salesforce career started isn’t difficult, but it may take time. Salesforce has matured enough that companies are looking for experienced individuals with a proven knowledge of the platform and hands-on experience. However, by taking the appropriate steps to learn and network, you can find your Salesforce dream job.

Below are the five steps I think you should take to jump-start your career. I have also included some of the frequent questions I get about starting a career at the bottom of the post.

1. Create a Free Admin Playground Account

Anyone interested in learning Salesforce should create a free #AwesomeAdmin edition account. This provides you access to all of the features and functionality of Salesforce, which allows you to explore and play with the newest features and get hands-on experience with the application.

Admin orgs are 100% free forever, and will remain active as long as you login once every six months. I personally still have and use my original admin org that is now four years old!

With this org, you can do the following.

  • Install AppExchange packages to test them and become familiar with the install process.
  • Build new features and functionality in Salesforce (like custom fields, objects, and workflow rules).
  • Create and execute APEX code (for those who are developers) including Visualforce.
  • Access the Salesforce Success Community, which provides an endless supply of Salesforce documentation produced by Salesforce and the community.
  • and much more.

The Admin account is your portal to learning and playing with Salesforce. It’s easy to setup so take a moment to that before you do anything else.

Click here to create your free admin playground account.

2. Get Your Hands Dirty

Once your admin account is created, it’s time to start playing! There are multiple resources available which I recommend for getting started.

Salesforce Trailhead is an interactive learning tool developed by Salesforce. It’s very similar to Code Academy in that it has modules you’ll work through using your admin org. Along the way, you’ll learn the basics of Salesforce while earning points and badges. It’s phenomenal (and totally free). Take the custom Admin Hero Trailmix specifically designed for this blog post which will help you get started! Platform Fundamentals is the “old school” way of learning Salesforce. This large book is very detailed and thorough. It’s still an excellent resource and provides some in-depth content that will get you even deeper into the fundamentals of the application. This PDF version is updated with each of the three Salesforce releases.

If you are interested in the true documentation style training guides, check out this page that links to all of the books currently available for reference. If you attend Dreamforce, and you prefer printed books, be sure to go to the Developer Zone to get a hard copy of the most recent version.

Salesforce Cheat Sheets are also available. These quick reference guides can be printed and hung in your office. Even as an experienced Administrator, I still reference these on occasion for a quick reminder of how to leverage specific functionality. These too can be found at Dreamforce as a nice printed and laminated hard-copy.

Zero to Hero is a post series right here on Admin Hero that aims to simplify some of the official Salesforce documentation and provide an easy way to learn the basics of Salesforce.

Salesforce’s YouTube channel is also a great resource for those of us who like video learning. Between Salesforce produced topical how-to videos to hour-long Dreamforce session videos, this is an excellent resource.

3. Join a User Group and Network

Networking is one of the single best things I have personally done for my career, and most of the people I have met have been through my local user group.

With over 200 users groups around the world, there is bound to be one in your area. These groups are 100% by the community, for the community. They provide a way to learn new features of the platform, learn how other customers are using Salesforce, and meet local Salesforce talent who can help you find jobs or answer questions you have on a regular basis.

To get the most out of these meetings, you need to overcome any fears you have with networking. Make it a goal to engage in a conversation with at least one person and trade contact information. You’ll find that this will slowly build your network and you’ll perhaps find a mentor or job opportunity.

Click here to find a user group in your area.

4. Leverage Your Social Networks

Social media is a great way to build your network and engage with others in the community. Salesforce users tend to prefer Twitter, but you’ll find Salesforce users sharing information on nearly every social network.

Jump into the conversation. Follow people or topics that are interesting to you. Begin to get on the radar of those in the community. I have learned a lot from users on Twitter and the Success Community. Find a channel that you can quickly engage in and have at it.

5. Volunteer

Once you have a baseline knowledge of Salesforce, it’s time to apply that knowledge to a real-world scenario. If you’re needing to build your resume with projects before getting a full-time job somewhere, volunteering is an excellent way to do that.

Nonprofits all over the world are finding the value of Salesforce and due to limited resource, they are also looking for talented individuals to help set up or maintain their Salesforce orgs on small projects.

There are multiple places to find volunteer opportunities. Check out the Salesforce Foundation or Community Corps for virtual or local pro bono volunteer opportunities.

Now that we’ve covered the steps to get started let me address some common questions.

Do I have the skills to become a Salesforce Administrator?

I get asked this question a lot. Many people are looking to make a career change, and there is concern that they don’t have the experience or background the become a successful Salesforce Administrator.

It’s important to remember that Salesforce is a tool, and any tool can be learned. It’s similar to learning Facebook, or Outlook or how to pay a bill online. To learn Salesforce does not require any particular background. Anyone can learn it.

A Salesforce Administrator is a business process expert. Administrators work closely with business stakeholders to learn and understand issues happening in existing processes or to gather requirements for new processes. The skill to being a Salesforce Administrator comes in knowing how to take those process requirements and implement them successfully in Salesforce.

There are multiple characteristics that successful Salesforce Administrators should possess. You should note that these characteristics are my opinion and not a requirement. But the really good Salesforce Administrators that I’ve met possess these characteristics.

  • Ability to listen and empathize with users. This is a “customer facing” position. Users are your customers. They deserve great customer service. If you have the ability to listen and learn about their problems, issues, and needs, you’ll do great.
  • Exceptional communicator. Communication is critical. Not only are the best administrators great at listening, but they are great at communicating. This role tends to work with individuals at all levels; from the CEO to the end user. Knowing how to communicate effectively with each at each level will bode well.
  • Ability to think outside the box. There is not a set way to do anything in Salesforce. That’s part of the beauty of the tool. That also means that for any one process or set of requirements, there are multiple solutions. You’ll need to think outside the box to ensure that all possibilities are captured and that the needs of the business are being met. This requires creative and critical thinking.

Should I become an Administrator or Developer?

Another common question is, should I become an Administrator or Developer?

This question is hard to answer because everyone is different. But, there is some basic information I can provide that may help you make a decision.

Administrators tend to be more customer-facing. We work with the business directly on a more regular basis. This requires a different skill set as a result. Administrators focus on declarative development (meaning we develop with clicks, not code).

Developers are typically knowledgeable in another coding language or have the ability to learn a coding language. While they do work directly with business users and stakeholders, they tend to operate more in the background; working more closely with the Administrator than the internal customer.

If you are interested in becoming a Developer, it is still recommended that you learn Salesforce as an Administrator. Ideally, you should not create code for something that can be done declaratively with the application. The only way to know what can and can’t be done with the platform using declarative development is to learn it! The best developers will validate this as well.

If you are still unsure of where to go down the track of Admin or Developer track, read this post, Beginner’s Guide to Salesforce Certification, to learn more.

Remember, you can do this! You just need to want it bad enough.

Admin Hero Trailmix

I’ve put together this Jumpstart Your Salesforce Career Trailhead Trailmix just for you! It’s a fun and easy way to get started with your Salesforce learning journey. Sign up for a free Admin Playgroup or Dev Org, and you’re off to the races!

Photo Credit: Oscar Rethwell via Flickr

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  1. Hello…Currently I am working with Infosys BPO as a process executive, where we use salesforce to solve cases…I planned to do salesforce certification….then which certification is best for me developer or admin…My qualification is B Tech (Engineering).


    1. Hello Kumar! The Developer and Admin Certification are in the same wheelhouse. The Admin Cert focuses on the functionality of the app while the basic Developer cert focuses on the structure of the database and tests your understanding of how to build solutions. They are, in my opinion, two different elements of the same certification. I personally have both (in addition to the Advanced Admin cert) and find that both are helpful.


  2. I just came onto your post it is just quite interesting. I am also associated with salesforce certification sample papers. We provides different-2 types of salesforce sample papers which are very helpful for the candidates who are preparing themselves for salesforce certification exams. Our sample papers are like real type exams. You must try it after trying it you will fell very confident…


  3. Hi Brent,

    I am a fresher with almost 2 months internship experience of Market research in India and 9 months of Marketing experience in London including 3 month internship.I also have ISTQB- testing foundation certification. I am looking to do Salesforce 201 certification now. My Bachelors is Biotechnology and Masters is in Marketing. Do you think it is good for me to go for 201, will it be beneficial for me considering my experience? Do I need to have any coding knowledge for it? Also Can you guide me for some Study materials to appear for this exam, I have company user log in for Salesforce and Marketo where I am working currrently as Marketing Assistant and work on Automation. Any pointers will be helpful. Thanks in advance!!


    1. Hello Rohini. Check the comments above. Some folks have asked similar questions and there are some good resources marked in the comments. You’ll need to decide what you’ll want to do for your career in Salesforce. Obtaining your 201 certification is a good option regardless of what you want to do. It will not prohibit you from moving into a different career path in the future.


  4. Hi Brent…Thanks for your suggestion…Earlier I was ask a question regarding Salesforce certification (whether admin or developer) is good for me…Because I work in a BPO…Now I want to shift IT where my my BPO salesforce work experience can be counted…So for this future plan which certification is best for me…



    1. Hi Kumar – any certification you take will be beneficial. Just because you get your Administrator certification doesn’t mean that you can’t become a developer. Do some research and see what you think will be best given your immediate situation.


  5. I learning salesforce course but now what is the best…..I don’t have any idea this course so please suggested me


    1. If you are referring to certification courses, I would focus either on the 201 or 301 courses and exams. 301 is a Developer certification, but it’s focused on declarative development which is what Salesforce Administrators do all day. 201 focuses more on the business process and how you would implement certain business scenarios into Salesforce given the existing functionality. Both are beneficial, and I would suggest getting both over the course of some time (I have both) but you’ll want to decide which route to take first. Good luck!


      1. Thanks brent for your suggestions, so what was the easy in salesforce course…either 301 or 201 it’s a good nd easy, i want without programing in salesforce so tell me brent…..i was so appreciated your segments…..which kind of the we can select me


        1. 201 and 301 are different in that they are focused on slightly different items. 201 is more focused on the day-to-day process of the Salesforce Administrator. It focuses on product knowledge, but also business process knowledge. 301 is the Developer path and it focuses more on how to build with Salesforce. It isn’t code, it’s declarative (point and click). Both are good options, but you’ll want to determine the path you want to go through to start. 201 and 301 are prerequisites for their respective certifications (ie: you must take 201 before you can take 211). Good luck!


  6. Hello Brent,

    Good Day!

    I am a MBA grad with couple of years sales experience of IT software. I am eager to know if SalesForce Certification will add value to my resume and how a MBA + Salesforce certification is considered in the market and what are the job roles I can look out for.

    Looking forward to hear from you.


  7. Hi Brent,
    I am completely from different background, M.Sc. Biotechnology. I am very much interested in salesforce and i am certified Salesforce administrator. I dont have much experience in it and I am almost fresher. How do companies respond when i am from completely life science background and how should I approach to the companies for interview? Appreciate your response

    Y Dinesh


  8. Hi

    I have 6 years of expierence as server admin in IT industry. I have come to know if i go for Salesforce Admin there are not enough jobs in India .
    Can you please suggest as I have done MCA but if i go for salesforce developer as well how will i mannage it as Salesforce devloper i will not be having any expierence in live environment



  9. Hi Brent,

    Please advise me here.

    I am into Oracle CRM with around 8 years of experience in it. In April, I was trained on Salesforce and I am now looking for a break in it.

    Please guide me as to how I could go about it.

    Thank you

    Best Regards,


    1. It’s all about practice and networking! If you are looking for a position, start working your network; attend user groups and build your personal brand in your local community. It’s a great place to start!


  10. Hi Brent,

    Just wanted to show appreciation for the informative post. I’ve been learning and loving Salesforce at a large national organization in a non-administrator role, and it’s great to know there are free opportunities out there to still gain this administrator experience. Thank you!


  11. Hello sir,

    I have done mba in retail management.and have 2 years if experience as a store manager..
    Is this course helpful for me…or can I do this and do job related to saleforce


  12. Hi I have years of experience in sales and distribution , Is sales force a good option for me.. also how can I learn or get certified in sales force administrator


  13. Hi Brent:

    Thats a great write up. Thanks much.

    I have about 11 years of experience in Sales in the IT industry. Considering that I have no hard-core (coding-level) technical background. Which certification/career path within SalesForce would you recommend? Also, are there ‘authorized training centers’ for SalesForce, just like SAPs. Thanks again for the article!


  14. Hello Brent,
    Came around you article, u hve provided great information to go thru.
    Thank you for that.
    I need a guidance from you.
    Though I started my career as a Java developer with a MNC and been now 3.5 years in all.
    I have not developed interest in coding as much as one should have to excel in the field, infact i do get stuck while doing the same,so,in short I have no love for coding.
    Now i have come across an opportunity provided by my company to get kind of virtually trained in SalesForce as my company needs SalesForce developers/Admin by year end and also complete certification in Dev401 or Admin201.Basically they need SalesForce guys and giving chance to whosoever wants to change their technology. So, I know SalesForce has a great career opportunity in future and I am looking forward to it, now the confusion I am facing is whether I should go for Developer or Admin, coz in developments its again coding which i dont feel comfortable,so,if you can let me know about Admin side and career oportunities & growth in it and what will be the best option.


  15. Hi Brent,
    Thanks for the informative page you provided towards salesforce tool and i am a 6+ years in IT industry and i am into Microsoft dynamics CRM and i want to know how much it will be useful for me having microsoft crm experience towards salesforce platform learning and making salesforce as a career option.Please suggest me your views on this and thanks for reading this post.


    1. Any CRM experience is good experience. I think that what you’ll find “difficult” would be learning a new platform and the best practices that are tied to that specific application. However, you already have the business knowledge and soft skills to do well with any new CRM or operations type role. Good luck!


  16. Hi Brent
    I read your article. It was really nice and helpful to get clear idea about sales force. I have already started working as admin of one of the sales force applications. I would like to know more about it. I would like to learn more admin functionality in depth. what would you suggest for that?


  17. Hi David,

    I have an overall experience of 7 years in IT field mainly in Support Services. Could you please help me out if certification would be an advantage for me to boost up my career as Consultant. Also, could you please share the path or procedure that I should follow to pursue this technology.



  18. hi. I have been working in sfdc from last more than 2yrs as config management role. It is somewhat admin role in sfdc. I manage code migration in sfdc via changeset and via ant script and other major stuff like issue resolution regarding conga conductor and its installation via sfdc case. And sandbox refresh activity and access management to team. I work for mnc company. My total exp is 9 yrs and 2+ yrs on sfdc only. I have not done any certification so far in sfdc. Should i go for certification for more visibility for my role. I want to sharpen my skills more in sfdc areas so that can have my visibility as sfdc consultant and admin across the worldwide. as per my current knowledge can i have some freelance job as well.


  19. HI Brent,

    Currently i am unemployed. can i still appear for salesforce certification?
    Because while i try to create an account in webassessor site, it asks for a company name, and the field is mandatory. What should i fill in? Can i fill in my previous company name?
    Please let me know, Thanks in advance.



    1. Hi Ankit. You don’t need to enter your company name as it is today. You should be able to enter something like “Self” to satisfy the field. I’m not really sure why they ask for that anyhow!


  20. Hi Brent,
    I have 2 yr of experience in testing domain & now I want to move in salesforce it’s right choice for me..?? Is this course helpful for me…or can I do this and do job related to saleforce.


    1. Hello Ishan! If you like people and processes, Salesforce is something you can totally learn! Follow the steps outlined in the post and you can determine if you like it or not! Good luck.


  21. Hi Brent,

    I am trying to learn a new technology. I could not able to make a decision between Hadoop and Salesforce. Which one do you suggest?


  22. Hi brent I got placement In some mnc company and I got stream as dbms still I have 2 months to join and my friend said that sales force is good for my future… actually I don’t know about sales force …so I want to know what is the scope of is really help full for my career …


    1. Hi Anand. Salesforce is the number 4 technology company in the world. Their products are used by over 150,000 organizations. It is not the only CRM or development platform, but it is one of the biggest. Let’s just say that exploring Salesforce won’t hurt your career options!


  23. Hello Brent, Thank you for this helpful information regarding salesforce. Please find sometime to answer or comment on my below query.
    At present im working as L2 Linux admin (redhat, centos, etc) in a US based company.
    And i also have knowledge on vmware (vcp5.5) and certified.
    I have 8 yrs exp in this unix system admin field.
    I am Master of Computer Applications (MCA) graduate.
    Please suggest me if it will be a good move, if i plan my career into salesforce admin? Will my previous exp count in this field or would it be a risk to proceed with.
    Please share your thoughts or comments. Any advise is also welcomed.
    Thanks in advance.


    1. Your previous experience is always going to be helpful no matter what job you take! If you are willing and able to learn the Salesforce platform, I’m sure that your experience will be very valuable.


  24. Hi Brent, I have total 6.5 years IT industry experience(In automation testing and support). Last 3 years parallel I am working as salesforce admin..Usually I worked on Standard objects which has already been created by another admin and some other admin calls.I have question now if I cleared certification 201 and 401 what would be chances of growth in salseforce domain in admin and develpoer profile..


  25. Brent,

    I am working in an MNC as application lead and having 10 years of technical IT experiece.
    I heard lot about the salesforce . I want to move my IT carrier into salesforce.
    I hav learning capabilities and i know if I put strong determination, I can take this up.
    But, not sure whether it will be good move or not.Will it be good decison or not as I am new to this salesforce. Please help to clear my doubuts


    1. Hi Meesha! I can tell you from personal experience, Salesforce was an awesome career move for me. I would recommend it to anyone who is thinking about making the switch. But, if you are still uncertain, you may want to talk in-person with some others in the industry. Check out your local Salesforce user group or chat with folks on Twitter or LinkedIn. Good luck!


  26. I have my Certified Administrator credential, and would like to gain more experience in the field.
    I am interested in the opportunity of employment as CERTIFIED SALESFORCE ADMINISTRATOR ENTRY LEVEL. I am currently unemployed.I am located in the Fremont California (USA) region
    Appreciate any leads or any direction you can give
    I am a hard working person I love to work. I am flexible, loyal, very organized and prepared to learn new things.


  27. Hi Brent,

    Your website is awesome with lots of information!!

    I’m a Salesforce professional, having 7+ years of SFDC experience and 11+ years of IT experience totally. Recently, I have been working as a Project Lead to manage a project of a US client remotely managing the offshore developer team.
    I would like to get a similar opportunity. Can you guide me in fetching work-from-home Project Lead roles from US?

    Im a Salesforce Certified Administrator and Developer certified (a month ago).

    Please advise.

    (from India)


  28. Hi Brent! Great article! My company is currently hiring two admins, one of my co-workers and I have been pushing for the jobs because we have experience as being admins indirectly within the company. However the hiring manager is making it very difficult to get an interview and get the process started. What is your suggestion? Should we give up and look elsewhere or should we push for the position?


    1. I would continue to push until it’s not feasible. I wouldn’t tell you to quit – you’ll have to determine what is best for you and your career. But, while you are there, continue to do good work, and find a way to show the value another admin would bring. Quantify the numbers and help to present a business case and that extra effort may help to make the justification to get the process rolling.


  29. Hi, i think hat i saw you visited my weblog thus i came to “return the favor”.I am
    attempting to find things to enhance my site!I suppose its ok to use a few
    of your ideas!!


  30. Hi Brent,

    I have worked on Oracle Siebel CRM from last 2 years as Siebel developer working on configuration, scripting and workflows, now I want to jump into this salesforce stream can you suggest me what will good one to start with (Admin or developer) so that I can increase my market value. I would also like to which big MNC uses salesforce CRM


    1. Developer vs Admin is quite different. Developers would be focused on creating functionality with code, typically with no or minimal interaction with business users depending on the role. That is compared to an Admin who builds in Salesforce without code (declarative) and works closely with the business. If you don’t know code currently, go the Admin route. If you do know code and still aren’t sure, talk with a Salesforce Developer and Admin to get an idea of what their work looks like. That should help some!


  31. Hi Brent,

    I’m planning to learn the Salesforce admin and as a developer. I m currently working with a ecommerce company and I’m just using the salesforce to find certain information. Salesforce is not what I work with but have an idea about it. I will finish the course and once I’m ready I’ll take up the certification too. My concern is I’m planning to move abroad in Salesforce profile. I’m not sure how soon I can atleast be a admin professional if not a developer.


  32. Hello Brent,

    Thanks for your help. I am an IT professional. I hate coding and hence not in touch with IT from 2 years. I am in Paris and don’t speak French, Journey so far has beeen super tough to get a job without speaking French.

    I am a people person and enjoy client facing.

    Q1 Me being in France, Does salesforce require French language ?

    Q2 How much time should I think to invest at least to get trained for admin role ?


  33. Hi Brent,

    I have over 7+ years technical support experience in total and for the type of role im in right now, i can say im salesforce admin. I’m providing support for salesforce admins and users from password resets, email templates etc but my role is limited to declarative side of sfdc. My challenge is I want to expand my skill sets and acquire developer experience. Which empoyers here are looking. I love the idea of doing pro bono stuff however this is something i cant afford right now, living in a developing country, this is not a possibility at the moment on a financial standpoint. Is there an alternate way for me to acquire dev skills and experience? By the way I’m in the Philippines


  34. Hi Brent,
    A well structure content and good booster for people looking for a career in Salesforce.
    As Salesforce is trending now, what is the minimum level of experience expected to start a career in Salesforce?


  35. Hi I am new to sales force , I worked as Manual testing Engineer for 4 year 7 months . Now I lost my job . Heard a lot about sales force so want to take Sales force Admin as career .
    what is the package for admin in sales force if i do certification in admin
    My package was 6.5 lakhs per year in software testing

    My Question are

    How is the career in sales force ?
    IS there to much of Programming in sales force?
    As I am from Software testing is programming in sales is too tough ?
    As I have IT experience for almost 4 years and 7 months in IT field and my package was 54000 per month Would i able to get good package for Sales force admin ?


  36. Hi Brent, This is mahesh from san diego, i am a typical sales background guy but wanted to change my career into IT field , will this salesforce admin role can be suitable for me .what is the certification course fee and what will be the start pay in san diego for freshers or 2 plus yer experience


    1. Great question! The Admin role is great for all types of people. Coming from Sales, you have the interpersonal skills to work with people, listen to their problems etc. That will help a lot. Training courses vary in cost depending on who you take the course through (ranges from a few hundred to a few thousand dollars). Exams are typically $200 each with a discounted retake fee.


  37. Brent
    Have read all your postings and the info was very useful and precise. Am having around 7 yrs of exp., into sales & marketing and 4 yrs into IT in SAP. Planning to learn salesforce, as per your suggestion in the previous posts to start of with Admin is the best. Is Administrator profile relates to sales??? please also suggest how does it sinks up with the sales??? which is the best way to get certified based on my profile and are there chances to get into the industry as a fresher???

    please advice!!!


    1. Hi Dhanasekar! A Salesforce Administrator works with all areas of the business including Sales (or especially Sales). However, an Admin isn’t a sales specific job. Admins act more like sales support than anything else, configuring Salesforce to meet specific business objectives and increase sales rep productivity. Good luck!


  38. Hi Brent,

    I am working as Business Analyst from past 4 years in multiple domain (HRMS, Insurance) and looking for move in salesforce domain. Needs your valuable inputs with reference for listed below points:
    1- Will it be good move for long term growth as Salesforce Business Analyst ?
    2- As i didn’t have much exp in technology, so will it workout for me to gain the salesforce knowledge?
    3- I have already 4 year of IT industry, so as per your experience and knowledge would you suggest me to look forward my career in SFDC.?

    Please suggest as i am unable to figure out the best move for. Thanks !!


  39. Hi Brent,

    I have 2+ years of experience in Seibel CRM as an administrator. I want to know does knowing Siebel CRM will help me out gaining knowledge in Salesforce.

    Hitendra Chandurkar


  40. Hi Brent,

    Thanks for your article. My concern is whether to be in a product like salesforce consulting, will it be better than being a similar one in a particular industry like banking, retail etc. What’s the long term role one can wish to over here. And, is there a risk involved when we see newer products being introduced regularly.
    ALso, how is workday if compared to Salesforce as workday is in its budding stage with much lesser no. Of consultants.


    1. The great thing about Salesforce is that it isn’t the only CRM. While you need to learn the specifics about other CRMs, the same business logic and principals apply. So, if you’re wanting to be more generic, you could specialise in Salesforce, Microsoft Dynamics and others. But, I’ll tell you that Salesforce is a top tier company and isn’t going anywhere anytime soon. However, you should do your own research on Salesforce the company and determine if it’s a good fit for you!


  41. Hi Brent,

    Thanks for your excellent article. I have done my MCA and I have around 2+ years of experience in IT as a production support engineer and Software Test engineer. I am not happy with my current job(because routine manual work) and looking forward to learn Salesforce Admin and development because i am interested and I want to see myself as a developer. Can I Choose Salesforce as my career?
    Please Advice.
    I will be really thankful for your kind reply.



  42. Hi Brent,
    I’ve moved from uk to India to just get some real exp in salesforce.. but previous to this I was trying in SAP dint get a break but was lucky enough to get into a company which does lots of Implementation in salesforce. Now almost a year over but i’m not happy with it, as I’m lost wen coding is been done.. do understand the functionality but hate those test classes and so on.. but very happy with config , and other functionality . where in Sap the ABABer would take care of it. And there is a functional role in sap .. but in salesforce only a developer becomes a functional as far as i know .. unless u know coding u can’t be in functional .. so not much of a choice rather than to become an Admin role. still wondering after all this would i be able get a Admin role. pls advice


    1. A functional consultant evaluates the demands in talking with the customer’s representatives, transforms the essence into an abstract and algorithmic business model. Hence, he identifies the use cases and transforms them into logical and technical views.
      Then the main task starts: customizing the respective business area and making sure the system reacts in the manner according to the constraints of the requested use case.
      The consultant documents the settings and prepares proper guidelines that allow other consultants to do further changes or repairs with due efforts.
      The consultant takes care that proper training is given to the users and that the system is usable, performing appropriately and the business flow is complete and correct.
      During go live he assists the technical staff by testing the behaviour of the system.
      After go live he guarantees that the procedures remain usable and consistent in real live situation and proposes enhancements.
      The main duty of a consultant is to transfer external know-how to the client. It is not manpower that counts but intelligence, understanding of processes, a feeling for defects and general a common sense.


      1. Got it! Thanks for the clarification. I would argue that a good Salesforce Administrator has the same functional role as a Salesforce Consultant – they just happen to be an employee of the company instead of a hired third party. Now, this does depend on the age of the org, and how well established the business processes are with Salesforce, but an Admin does serve a functional role for many organizations. I’m of course speaking from the standpoint as a former Admin turned Consultant and, in my experience, this was the case.


  43. Hello Brent, I’m an MBA grad with 5 years of experience in financial services field. I don’t know coding and would like to know if I can choose salesforce admin as a career option.


    1. This is a fantastic field to be in Vamsi! No coding knowledge is needed to be a Salesforce Admin. If you like business process and you like working with people, it seems like it would be a great fit!


  44. HI Brent,
    I’m having mechanical engineering with 7 years of work exp of Product development in Automobile field.
    I want to switch to software field & I don’t know coding and would like to know if I can choose salesforce admin as a career option.(some one suggest mi Salesforce admin).
    I m in confusion that, is it good to switch from mechanical to salesforce or else other any option for me.
    please suggest

    ALso, Which module of sales force is best for me.


  45. Hi Brent,

    Thanks for sharing all these information.
    I’m just wondering if we need to have any experience to take the salesforce Admin certification?
    Please advise.

    Many Thanks,


    1. Technically, no – you don’t need any experience. However, I highly suggest that you have at least 6 months experience before attempting the exam, mainly so that you have some understanding of the terminology and a bit of hands-on experience to base your decision making on.


  46. Hi Brent,

    do you know what is the average salary or average hourly rate for Administrator, Developer and Consultant of SalesForce?


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