Salesforce Toolkit – A Salesforce Professional’s Swiss Army Knife

Every Salesforce Administrator and Consultant looks for tools to make tasks easier. While Salesforce is easy to learn, there are some actions which require a multitude of clicks. Field creation, for example, is easy but takes a long time when creating a whole host of new fields. Exporting org metadata can be complex and cumbersome, […]

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Don’t Leave Money on the Table – Negotiate Your Salary

$3,726,400. That’s a lot of money – and the amount that you could be earning over the course of your working life as a Salesforce Professional in Denver. If you’ve ever thought that becoming a millionaire was unattainable,¬†you thought wrong. Over the course of your working life, multiple millions of dollars will pass through your […]

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Is Your Salesforce Org Ready for Lightning Experience?

Over the last few weeks, I’ve seen a lot of questions on the Success Community¬†wondering if it would be wise to switch over to Lightning Experience given the org’s configuration and the missing features of LEX. I’ve written a guest post, featured on the Salesforce Admins blog (formerly ButtonClick Admin) today about this very topic. […]

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Building Better Field History Tracking

Salesforce field history tracking is a great built in feature, but doesn’t always meet the requirements of the business and can be cumbersome when trying to report on the historical data. Administrators struggle specifically with Opportunity field history reporting. Determining stage duration, how an Opportunity moves through the pipeline and related changes to the Opportunity […]

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Customizing Salesforce’s Lightning Experience

Over the last few weeks, I’ve been using Lightning Experience exclusively in my companies production org and have had several clients asking to trial it in their own orgs. I have to say, I’m actually really enjoying the experience, but getting Lightning Experience up and running is a little more involved than just flipping a switch. […]

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