My Top Public Speaking Pet Peeves

Public speaking can be a frightening¬†experience for some. For others, public speaking comes naturally. Either way, public speaking requires a set of skills which, if mastered, can make all the difference in a presentation. I recently attended a Salesforce event with several speakers, and instead of taking notes about the session content, I was taking […]

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Getting Started with Financial Services Cloud

One of the best things about being a consultant is that I get to play with new Salesforce functionality that I wouldn’t otherwise be able to experience. As Salesforce continues to expand its reach with more vertical market solutions, an entirely new series of Salesforce functionality enters the community. Today, that’s Financial Services Cloud. Financial […]

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Coolest Lightning Components on the AppExchange

One of the most compelling reasons to switch to Lightning Experience is to leverage the underlying architecture, including Lighting Components.¬†These components can be created by a developer for a specific business use case, or installed from the AppExchange to enhance or compliment your existing configuration. Lightning Components can offer a great array of flexibility to […]

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Automation Showdown: Process Builder vs Workflow

Ahhh, the great automation debate: Process Builder versus Workflow. Both are powerful tools, both offering countless benefits. More than likely there is at least one of each kind of automation enabled in your org right now. But which one should you be using for that next automation request? Based on Trailhead exercises, you should be using Process […]

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