This is a guest post from Siva Devaki of MassMailer.

Could your email sender reputation be keeping your emails from reaching their destination? If your email sender reputation is bad, your emails could be ending up bounced or re-routed towards spam. Yet, in order to determine whether this is happening, you need a way to check your sender reputation.

Here are five popular, easy-to-use tools for checking your sender reputation, so that you can improve your Salesforce CRM email campaign.

1. Sender Score

Sender Score will give you a score, ranging from 0 to 100, that represents how trustworthy emails from your domain appear. If you have a score close to 100, you’re likely to be delivering all your emails. If you have closer to 0, your emails are likely being bounced. Additionally, Sender Score will provide some suggestions regarding how you can improve your email deliverability.

2. MassMailer Email Monitor for Salesforce

Unlike the other links on this list, MassMailer Email Monitor is a full email deliverability suite developed for Salesforce CRM customers. Not only does it check your email sender reputation, but it can also identify potentially blocked content, check your email against blacklists, and predict whether your email will be bounced or spam blocked. MassMailer Email Monitor works within Salesforce CRM and can make suggestions to improve upon your emails and email deliverability. You can install a free trial for MassMailer from Salesforce AppExchange.

3. Trusted Source

Owned by Intel, Trusted Source is a dashboard that provides a trust rating across multiple types of online media. Trusted Source will give you a trust rating for both your mail server and your domain name, as well as both email and web content. You’ll be able to see whether, in general, your recipients trust your emails, and (by association) whether they’re likely being delivered to them.

4. Reputation Authority

With reputation authority, you can not only get a 0 to 100 score on whether your emails are trustworthy, but you will also be told about how many of your emails were found to be acceptable and were delivered. You can explore either your domain or your IP when looking up trust. Reputation Authority further provides information regarding unwanted email traffic, unwanted web traffic, phishing attempts, and virus threats.  

5. Talos Intelligence

Created by Cisco, Talos Intelligence will give you a general idea regarding whether your email domain is considered to be trustworthy—though it may just return “neutral” if you have a fairly new server. Talos Intelligence reputation lookup lets you search by IP, domain, or network owner. From there, you’ll see owner details, location data, web reputation, weighted reputation, email volume, and email volume changes.

Once you’ve checked your email sender reputation, it’s time to do something about it. By checking your email lists, removing inactive emails, and improving upon your email content, you can improve your sender reputation over time. Eventually, you’ll see higher rates of deliverability and better engagement.

Email sender reputation is an important component of any online marketing strategy. By improving upon your email reputation, you’ll be able to improve upon your organization’s bottom line. With the above tools, you should be able to learn more about specific issues you need to resolve to improve your deliverability.

About Siva Devaki

Siva Devaki is the co-founder of MassMailer and is responsible for the overall company and the product strategy. Siva co-founded two other IT companies earlier and had one exit for a product company, SynqCloud which focused on ServiceNow Integration. Siva’s background in Enterprise Applications and the passion for software product development lead him to build MassMailer, which is now a popular native email marketing solution for Salesforce CRM customers.

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